About the Blog

Friday 28 October 2016: at the age of 51, Mark finally downed tools and entered his dotage…. As you can see, he had been planning this for some time (but couldn’t quite hold out in the end to his scheduled retirement date of 01 November):

With plenty of trips coming up over the next few months, this seems like a good point to start a new WordPress blog. The old blog (findjo.wordpress.com) detailing our adventures since 2013, is still there, but we’ll be using this one going forward…. We write our blog page as an easy way to update family and friends on our whereabouts and comic capers when we’re away, so please don’t expect any bells or whistles……

If this blog follows the pattern of the last one, which it most probably will, then you’ll find the writing will be done by me (Jo), with Mark making an ongoing contribution as we travel around by intermittently pointing at things and announcing “we can take a picture of that and put it on the blog, can’t you?”. Mark’s other main task is to appear in the ‘photos. Being camera-shy I try to limit my appearances to places where I am a very small speck in a large landscape.