Welcome to Dosserdom

“Who are these dossers and what is dosserdom?” I hear you ask….. Allow me to explain:

Dosserdom, to me, is having the freedom to do exactly what we want to do when we want to do it, without the need to work for a living.

“Yes, but what do you DO” is the question you tend to get from “normal” people confused about your employment status. What to say? You can’t say you’re retired as people then look at you in disbelief (“you’re not old enough”). You don’t want to say you’re unemployed as they then assume you’re a benefit scrounger and look at you as if you were something unsavoury they’d just trodden in.

There’s a whole community of people on the internet in a similar position to us who go under the banner of “financial independence”, but you really can’t turn round to someone on the street and announce “oh, I’m financially independent” – unless you DO want a punch in the face that is…. So the solution I’ve used over the years is just to announce “oh, I’m a dosser”, which has all the appearance of an answer to the question without actually telling anyone anything at all…. People normally just shuffle off looking confused at that point….

So there you have it. I’m Jo, I’m currently 46, and I’ve been dossing for quite some time now. Mark joined the party in 2011 and escaped the employment / self-employment trap in 2016. He’s 52 now but still can’t quite get away with “I’m retired” as a status. So we’re both dossers….