Hook to Cobh: Striding around like a Saxon Lord

The Irish have a reputation for being welcoming, but even so, we’ve been impressed by just how friendly the locals have been. Numerous people have approached us to ask where we’re from, what our travel plans are, and whether we’re enjoying Ireland.

We’ve taken a bit of a detour inland over the past few days, heading North to Kilkenny then West to Cashel before turning back South towards the coast.

Trivia Week

We’ve learned in recent days that this was not only the very first place to give women the vote, but also the site of the World’s first holiday camp and the home of only paddle steamer ever known to have taken on a submarine and won.

Ella shows her Best Side?

Mysteries of Motorhome Life no. 26: Why is it that we never head to a launderette until we’ve run out of socks (and pretty much everything else) and can put it off no longer? There’s nowt like lugging three weeks’ of washing into a launderette to make us (briefly) regret our habitual laziness….

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