Project 2000 Electric Bed Reset

A bed that comes down electrically from the roof. What a great space-saving idea – until, of course, it decides to stop working! We’ve had cause to learn a bit about the electric bed in our 2017 Benimar Tessoro 481 motorhome; here are our notes on how to reset the bed when it develops a mind of its own…

OK, so first things first, this is the Project 2000 control panel on our electric bed. If yours looks just like ours, then hopefully it also works just like ours!

We were given the instructions to reset the bed (the instruction book just helpfully tells you that this can only be done by a dealer) by Marquis, and that, together with the reading and messing-about we’ve done since, means that we now understand a lot more than we did before about how the thing actually works.

Basically, the bed is a pretty dim piece of kit…. It keeps track of where it is by counting the turns of the belt shaft as the motor raises or lowers the bed, and if it gets interrupted, it has a tendency to lose count. Initially, ours had no preset positions but seemed to chug up and down reasonably happily. When things went wrong, it appeared to have lurched into some kind of “dead man” mode; it really didn’t know whether it was coming or going.

The first thing that we’ve learned is that it really is best if the bed does trigger the limit switch at the end of every cycle. Apologies for the poor photo quality below; this is what the limit switch on our bed looks like. Basically it’s a little black button fastened onto a bracket on one corner of the bed frame. Ours is in the corner just behind the driver’s seat; you can see the bed frame on the left of the photo and a curtain on the right.

My feeling is that if you don’t trigger the limit switch for a while, that’s when the bed gets confused and forgets where it’s up to.

The big problem, of course, is that the limit switch is positioned too low. Before we bought our van, the salesman very clearly reassured us that yes, of course you can leave your bedding on the bed. B***ocks! (a technical term used by those who’ve been fed porkies by salesmen….). The bed instructions clearly state that you can’t leave anything at all on the bed; no bedding, and certainly no ladder. The reason is now clear – with bedding on top, the bed can’t get high enough to trip the limit switch.

Here’s our solution. It’s worked great so far (but follow our lead at your own risk of course):

See the small black box at top left of the photo? It’s a piece of hard plastic stuck onto the plastic moulding using double-sided tape so that the limit switch gets tripped that bit sooner. The plastic was cut off some window trim helpfully left behind at our house by a team of window fitters a while back (thanks, Anglian Windows!) and wrapped in black electrical tape to make it look a bit tidier.

One reason we came up with the black box idea is that our bed got somewhat confused again just a few days after Marquis reset it for us (and went back to working as it had done when we picked the van up – flashing spanner and no more presets). We fashioned a makeshift black box from a stack of cardboard (to put us on until we got home to the plastic stash in the garage!) and reset the bed again ourselves. We’ve had no trouble since – fingers crossed that’s sorted it.

So – moving swiftly on to the actual resetting of the bed. I’ve no idea why they don’t hand out the instructions for doing this when you buy a van; even if your van’s bed has been properly set up, what are the chances that the technician has put the presets exactly where you want them? These instructions were given to us on a printed sheet of paper entitled “Benimar Bed Setting” by Marquis Hampshire. We shall be eternally grateful….. The instructions include steps for setting up two preset positions. We only use one preset but I set both (with the second a couple of cm below the first) just in case skipping the second one somehow confused our poor dim-witted bed.

The first thing to do is to find the “secret button” which is between the “Up” and “Down” buttons on the control panel. It isn’t marked but you should be able to feel a slight bump on the panel where it is. The instructions involve quite a lot of pressing both the Secret Button and the Down Button….. Where it says “move the bed”, use the normal UP and DOWN buttons.

Starting with the bed at the top (so the limit switch is activated):

  1. Turn the bed ON using the key and press the small “Reset” button (you’ll need a ballpoint pen or similar)   See Update at the bottom of the post if this doesn’t work
  2. Hold the Secret Button and the UP button for 6 seconds until you get a solid green spanner light
  3. Move the bed down to where you want the first (higher) preset to be
  4. Press the Secret Button and the DOWN button – the UP and DOWN lights should flash
  5. Move the bed down to where you want the second preset to be
  6. Press the Secret Button and the DOWN button – the UP and DOWN lights should flash
  7. Move the bed up so that it’s about 10cm from the top
  8. Press the Secret Button and the DOWN button – the UP and DOWN lights should flash
  9. Move the bed up to the top position (so the limit switch activates)
  10. Our printed instructions now tell us to press the secret button and down button again so the up and down lights flash – but that doesn’t work for us. When our bed hits the limit switch, all the lights go off – the bed seems to realise that the task is complete.
  11. Turn the bed OFF using the key – it should now be reprogrammed – then ON again to test it.

The first time I reset the bed I was particularly slow about it and the bed seemed to give up part way through – I didn’t get the flashing light from holding the secret button and the down button. Going back to the top and starting again worked absolutely fine (and with the benefit of a bit of practice I was much quicker second time round!).

The bed now works as follows: If we turn on with the key and press down, the bed scoots straight down to our first pre-set position. The next morning, we turn on and press up and the bed travels by itself (not quite at scooting speed) up to the position we set 10cm or so from the top. We then have to press and hold the up button to take it up the last few cm. As soon as it hits the limit switch, the motor cuts out and the job is done.




  1. That will be really useful for those with the same or similar bed! Crazy that the design puts the limiter so high, you’d have thought they would realise that everyone would want to leave the bedding on the bed.


  2. I have a problem with mine and maybe this reset will help so thanks for the info.
    I also have found what seems like an over ride to get the bed to work, To do this,
    1.While holding the Secret button down,
    2.Press the UP button for 2 seconds and let go then press it again for 2 seconds,
    3. Press the DOWN button for 2 seconds and let go then press it again for 2 seconds,
    4.Press the UP button for 2 seconds and let go then press it again for 2 seconds.
    Release the secret button and you should be able to lower and raise the bed
    When you do this however the tool light will remain solid green and the ! in the triangle indicator will flash orange until you raise the bed and plug in the set belt arrangement to turn the system off.


  3. Thanks, useful. The dealers dont seem to like to divulge this information. There was an article in MMM magazine a while ago about how to bypass the control panel and just have a simple on and off (up or down) toggle switch. The switch fits where the key switch sits. You dispense with all of that and the bed then simply goes up and down by the toggle switch and it has no presets or memory of its own. Pretty failsafe and I’m toying with doing this mod now my bed ( in a Benimar 202) is out of warranty. I’ve never had an issue with our bed but I do hold my breath every time I operate it! The ddb does have a reputation for unreliability so maybe this mod might help come sale time?


  4. Thank you, this solved our Benimar bed problem, fingers crossed it works for awhile and saved us a trip to Marquis. Will also be trying to fool the sensor so we can leave our bedding on the bed (one of the key reasons we bought the van to have a fixed and ready made bed)

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  5. After 2 years of frustration with our bed, I to lower and raise the bed by using the “secret” button and hold the UP button for 6-7 seconds. Always comes down to desired level but have to hold the DOWN button continuously. To raise in the morning I’m on a wing and a prayer. Sometimes it will go nearly all the way up (with bedding on) and then I manually wind it up the last centimetre or two to engage the safety belt, but there have been occasions when it has been much lower and my arm aches manually winding the damn thing up.
    The dealers were useless, a caravan dealership near Glossop.
    Contacting Project 2000 in Italy was a waste of effort as well.
    Appreciated your post immensely.

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  6. Jeez, it sounds like you’ve had real hassle with yours. You must have arms like Popeye by now if you’ve been using that poxy manual handle to wind your bed up to the ceiling!
    Fingers crossed, ours is working quite well at the moment. It has the odd funny turn (stops coming down as soon as you take your finger off the button) but taking it back to the top and turning it off then on again usually does the trick.
    Italian electrics, eh? Mind of their own….


  7. Thanks for all you explanations. I really like the idea of a Toggle Switch instead of the computer up and down. Trouble is my model does not have a key. I now carry and electric drill with an allen key and use the drill to raise and lower if I get stuck.
    At the moment I get about 100mm up or down until a red flashing light comes on. I then wait until it goes off and get another 100mm, so about 5 minutes to raise or lower.
    I do have a two page manual from the dealer for reprogramming but will if I can figure a way change to a toggle as ion a previous Motorhome as I think the computer is not stable enough in this new model Jayco Freedom- ex Australia. I am in NZ.


  8. I suggest you all get yourselves a winding handle just in case the worst happens when you’re away! There’s a hole in the side of the bed nearest the window (At least there is in our 2016 Benimar Mileo 286) I got mine from Project 2000 via Lippert components in the UK. Talk to Neil Mears. He’s very helpful and got me one in a few days from . P2000 don’t deal with the public directly apparently. andf email


  9. Hi. In the middle of France and the bed would not go up or down. Checked fuse ok pressed reset button nothing. For 5 nights wound up and down. Found your web site and a miracle happend. Now working. I owe you a beer. Ps I hate Marquis


  10. Thank you for this much detailed process explanation. It’s saved me a stop at an available Benimar dealer, not that easy to find during summer season.


  11. I use my little Milwaukee cordless driver and an allen key pretty much full time now. Got tired of messing with the electronic failures. Now i have new hope though and plan to try the reset procedures. Thanks so much for this article. Wonderful information.


  12. Hey, travelling in France Provence, yesterday evening our bed stopped working, was i glad to find your information on the internet . No help from our belgian dealer .


  13. I got so fed up with our Project2000 bed mis-behaving I took out the little control panel and just fitted an up – down rocker switch system. I am an electronics tech so have also incorporated limit switches so the bed cannot over-run down or up.


  14. I’ve wriiten by own software(firmware) for the Project 2000 board so it simply just goes down or up when you press the associated button. It also incorporates the limit switch. I put a video on you tube showing this.


  15. I take a battery operated drill with the appropriate bit every time I go away. This saves me becoming like Popeye, and not one sided! Touch wood, after programming some months back have only had one or two minor hiccups, which have not required re-programming!! Still like the idea of the Toggle Switch, but “DownUnder” know wants to go there!! Haha


  16. This is a godsend, my dealer hasn’t a clue and I’m sure just wants me to go away. I haven’t tried resetting it yet but will be doing soon and update re progress. For the first time in many months of trying to have this sorted, I feel I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  17. Can’t thank you enough. We are on our way to Spain, 2nd night bed stops working (our fault left a pillow on the bed and it cut out! ) we had no idea what had happened, thought the relay had gone.. Anyway thanks to your perfect instructions we are now up and running. We owe you such a big thank you.


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