Ludlow and London

We left home on Thursday 15 March for a seven week trip to Southern England and France. Blog inertia seems to have set in I’m afraid, which is why it’s taken me over a week to get round to our first post. Maybe it’s the fact that we haven’t really been breaking any new ground this far.

We spent our first night in traditional fashion on Little Roodee car park in Chester where we met up with Pete and Julie in their (as yet unnamed) van. From there we travelled in mini-convoy down to Ludlow for three nights.

The latest cold snap arrived over the weekend….

We had a great time regardless pottering around the town, the castle and, needless to say, the pubs. Here are Mark, Pete and Julie with their noses pressed against the cheese shop window:

Monday saw us heading our separate ways; Pete and Julie set off homewards and we turned SOK South and spent Monday night by the aptly named Brill windmill not far from Oxford.

From there we were London-bound for four nights on the Crystal Palace Caravan and Motorhome Club site. We were upset to learn that it’ll be closing down in December this year as the council have decided not to renew the lease (presumably they have more profitable plans for the land….). What a shame – Crystal Palace is a fabulous base from which to visit London 😞

Highlights of our trip included a wander round Crystal Palace park, with sphinxes from the 1851 Great Exhibition (the Crystal Palace itself burned down in 1936) and some 1854 dinosaurs.

Mark’s first visit to the Tower of London (and they even let him out again 😉):

Churchill’s War Rooms, the underground not-quite bunker from which the war effort was directed, were well worth a visit. Neither of us had been here before. Here we saw many of the rooms as they were at the end of the Second World War as well as a very good Churchill museum (much better than the one we saw last time we visited Blenheim).

Oh look, a WW2 Elsan loo!

It seemed to be pretty much a loo seat on top of a bucket – which brought back unfortunate memories of the plastic equivalent on the Inca Trail in 2013 (oh, how we all lived in fear of knocking that bucket over!).

We’ve spent all day today in the British Museum and we’ve seen all sorts of stuff…. There’s no way to even start describing the things we’ve seen, so I won’t try.

Suffice to say that Mark’s favourite object of the day was the Rosetta Stone; mine was the Lewis chessmen…

Tomorrow’s plan is to head towards Portsmouth ready for our ferry to the Isle of Wight on Sunday.

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