York then Home

We arrived at the Rowntree Park Caravan & Motorhome Club site in York at about the same time as the “Beast from the East”. Not to worry, though – we spent the next two days pootling round York on foot, so the snow didn’t bother us too much.


We spent our time revisiting quite a few places that we haven’t been to for some time. Jorvik Viking Centre has had a bit of a makeover since our last visit some years ago (for those who haven’t been, you travel through a Viking village on a large fairground ride – type contraption and see some frighteningly realistic-looking folk going about their daily business amid the sounds and smells of the place. Mark reckons that they’ve toned down the more fetid smells quite a lot since we visited a few years ago…..


The National Train Museum was as good as ever. I didn’t remember seeing the WW1 hospital train last time:


And I thought Virgin Trains on the West Coast Line could get horribly overcrowded….


The old favourites were still there. Here’s Mark drooling over the Mallard:



The big attraction at present at the museum is Tim Peake’s Spacecraft – the Soyuz TMA-19M capsule in which British astronaut Tim Peake together with two colleagues returned to Earth from the International Space Station in June 2016. Rather them than me…..


The Castle Museum…… Mark loved the reconstructed Victorian street….. I thought they’d done a really good job of the WW1 exhibits, new since I last visited the museum many years ago.


We did manage one new attraction: Clifford’s Tower. The mound was built by (for?) William the Conqueror in 1068 and originally had a timber castle on top.


It’s run by English Heritage, so there were “savings” to be had, which is a good job as there really isn’t enough in there to justify the standard £5 entrance fee.


You do get a nice view of the city centre and the Minster though:


I have no idea how the photos of Clifford’s Tower have come out so snow-free. OK, so we visited that on our first afternoon, before the snow had really taken hold (I haven’t stuck to strict chronological order in this post), but I don’t recall there being no snow at all. This is how I recall the weather during our time in York:

IMG_20180227_145130957.jpgConditions were similar on the way home on Friday, with many of the East-West roads across the Pennines closed including what would have been our normal route, the M62.


Mind you, if you were going to get stuck in the snow waiting for a road to reopen, a motorhome really would be the best way to do it 🙂


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