Heading North, without Dawdling

Kampington did us proud on Thursday morning and started without much trouble at all. Mark was watching carefully and reported a puff of black smoke then a puff of white smoke. We’ve been contemplating what this could mean, and have come to the conclusion that after a last minute objection and a recount, we have a new Pope….

We had a bit of a think at Ballstad on Tuesday afternoon, as our washing was going round in the machine and Kampington’s prognosis wasn’t looking so rosy, and came up with a plan. It would be a real shame to come this far and not make it to Nordkapp, so we decided to continue along our planned route but a bit quicker than we might otherwise have done. So any thoughts of visiting Tromsø and Hammerfest have bitten the dust. Hopefully we can get up to Nordkapp then down into a nice warm Swedish summer without Kampington throwing all his toys out of the pram.

We did quite a long drive today (Thursday), which took us up through lovely scenery to a free overnight parking spot right on the edge of the fjord at a place called Burfjord.

We saw another white-tailed eagle along the way, but no reindeer or moose/elk:

We happened across a Sami Shop, and as we’d unknowingly parked near it at lunchtime, we felt obliged to go take a look:

It was stuffed to the gunnels with all manner of expensive souvenirs. Mark commented that we only saw one bloke come out having made a purchase, whereas at the Arctic Circle place we visited on the way North, everyone seemed to come out toting a plastic bag of goodies (even we parted with money, acquiring a fridge magnet). That’s what happens when you get the pricing right…..

Mark had a good laugh when a lorry showed up. “Ah yes, all traditional products then, made locally…..”. A new consignment just arrived from China, more like……

On the subject of things made in China, Mark finally decided last night to have a go with the kiddie chopsticks I brought back from China in… oh… 2011 I think, purchased for him at great expense 🤡

He was quite successful at picking up peanuts…… Mind you I don’t think he’s ever quite got over the time we went to a Chinese restaurant in Manchester and the fierce Chinese lady running the place took out orders, gave me some chopsticks, and without further ado turned to Mark and announced “and YOU can have FORK!“. Since that day, he’s been firmly of the opinion that he need never use chopsticks; he’ll just carry a spork everywhere in his pocket….

If you’re wondering about his little orange helper, he does have a habit of cuddling up to Zippy in times of stress. And if you’re wondering about the cardboard tube from a kitchen roll sat on top of the Worcestershire Sauce, that’s his Viking horn, used on a regular basis for rousing renditions of the theme tune from “The Vikings” (click on the orange text if you need a reminder), that traditional linchpin of the Christmas TV schedule….

Here’s where we’ve got to. Not far now to Nordkapp!

Tomorrow’s plan is to make use of the free fettlings here then drive on (only 90 minutes or so) to Alta to see some rock carvings.

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