Mark passes the Lurgy baton….

Well, I suppose it had to happen…. I got up on Thursday morning feeling decidedly weak. Mark has therefore had to ditch his theory that the homemade cheese was somehow responsible for his woes. It’s definitely something “catching”…..

We decided to go to a nearby nature place called Arenal Natura where we could get a tour to see crocs, snakes, and frogs. The tour was excellent, though we were both seriously flagging by the end of it. I didn’t take many photos as the snakes and frogs were all behind glass and it’s hard to get a good photo of a tiny frog at the best of times…. I’ll attempt to do better once fully recovered……

The first photo is of Mark meeting a baby boa constrictor that lives in a tank in the reception area. It’s now about a year old and is soon to be released. It was found in someone’s bedroom as a much smaller baby snake and they called Arenal Natura to come take it away (I have since taken greater care to look under the bed in hotel rooms!).

A heron hanging around near the crocs:

We got back to La Fortuna around lunchtime and both flaked out for the rest of the day. Pass the Night Nurse…..

On Friday, we managed to get up and move on to our next destination, Bijagua. The route took us along the Northern edge of Lake Arenal, a big reservoir created in the 1970s.

The highlight of the journey was howler monkeys by the side of the road:

In a final wildlife spot of the day, Mark says that there was a huge cockroach in the shower during the evening but he didn’t like to mention it at the time……