Bye bye K.A.C., Hello Las Vegas

Well folks, our K.A.C. adventure has come to an end. Kampington’s American Cousin has been scrubbed until he gleamed and returned to the depot….. We can’t believe how quickly nine weeks have flown by….

We’ve got a full day / two nights in Las Vegas before we fly out, and we’ve walked for miles, both up and down the Las Vegas Strip and down to the Fremont Street (“downtown”) area.

The Strip was good, though Mark is now firmly of the opinion that he has “done” Las Vegas and hence never needs to return.

We didn’t have time to go into all of the hotels but we did venture into the Venetian to find the gondolas, located in a first floor shopping mall. Mark’s reaction was “well… it’s a bag of sh*te…. but it’s impressive”.

Paris… complete with Eiffel Tower and, round the corner, Arc de Triomphe…

You get the idea…… the only tasteful thing would’ve been the fountain display at the Bellagio – if it hadn’t been to a loud rendition of the Titanic song… Celine Dion? Isn’t she next door at Caesar’s Palace? All very confusing…….

The Fremont Street area was disappointing – all the tat and slot machines without any of the big, over-the-top, impressive stuff……

Anyway, we’re now back at the hotel, all packed up and ready to hit the airport first thing in the morning for our flight to San José via Phoenix…….