Potty Pensioner Tours

After what felt like an Age, Mark’s house was finally ready and the tenants moved in on the 1st of August. Remarkably, you’d never have guessed from the final photos that this was the property formerly known as the ManPit…..

Poor Kampington had been neglected for a few weeks, so was pleased to get off the drive and head to Chirk for a long weekend. This had been arranged with my Dad, and we were all going Segwaying at Chirk Castle on the Sunday for Mark’s birthday.




We had a good weekend away; the Segwaying was a great success and  we got a bit more insight into my dad’s internet usage…. On Monday, Dad headed North towards Scotland and we returned home. Mark was back at work on Tuesday morning (not long now until his dotage) and I set off to catch Dad up before he got himself into too much bother.

We had a few nights on a temporary Camping and Caravanning Club site (ie a field) at Dalkeith Country Park just south of Edinburgh. There were a few incidents/issues during the stay that have all been carefully noted under “ongoing Pensioner stuff”….. I’d start listing them but I fear we could be here for quite some time…

My sanity was saved (barely), by the discovery that a good few members of the “Companions Club” were staying on the site, shepherded by a very able Scottish lady by the very Scottish name of Meg McDonald…. It transpired that my Dad had already joined this group but hadn’t got any further (probably mistaking it for some kind of internet dating site….), so I was able to pack him off to “Pensioner Creche” on a regular basis which seemed to involve 1) the able organising little outings, 2) the less able tagging along, and 3) a lot of running around in circles looking at “problems” with their various vans. This is what happens when you take a bunch of pensioners away from a mains hookup….. Here they are having their daily 10am meeting…. which I like to imagine Meg kicking off by asking if they had all had their tablets…


Despite the loss of the tickets (a long story and one of the items on the Pensioner list), we did finally achieve the objective of the trip: the Edinburgh Tattoo on Tuesday evening.


Whilst in Edinburgh I also fitted in a couple of days at the ScotlandsPeople Centre (tracking my Scottish ancestors) and visits to Holyroodhouse, a couple of National Trust Scotland properties (one in the Old Town, one in the New Town), the National Museum (including the British Museum’s touring Celts exhibition, the Lewis Chessmen and Dolly the Sheep), and the Royal Yacht Britannia. I would like to thank the Companions Club for making all this possible!



We left Dalkeith Country Park on Wednesday morning. I was continuing on to Stirling for 4 nights; my dad was heading home. I do still have things to do in Edinburgh so I may well head back there again at some point during the trip.

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