Heading (Slowly) North

Well, as the title suggests, we’re now heading slowly North and the temperatures are getting correspondingly cooler 😦

After leaving Almerimar we travelled to an aire at a tennis academy at Vera that had been recommended by a few people. Although the aire itself was nice, it wasn’t really near anything so after a couple of nights we were ready to move on. After a night in a restaurant car park near El Campello on our route North, we diverted slightly inland to a place called Morella for a couple of nights.

Morella is a lovely fortified town with a castle perched on top. It’s clearly a very touristy place, with a quaint narrow main street full of cheese shops, cafes, and souvenir shops, though it was very quiet when we visited. We spent a day looking around and two nights at the very nice free aire outside the walls. It was nice to have “stuff” to look at again after a few weeks of mooching around in Southern Spain and Portugal, so we took a lot of pictures!








We did see some strange wildlife around the aire; groups of caterpillars following each other nose to tail. These must be quite unusual as Mark didn’t immediately launch into Attenborough mode and tell me all about them….. One for him to look up on the internet….


Mark was very pleased to find a cake shop open on a Sunday at Morella, and even more pleased with his lucky escape when it turned out that the thing he had quite fancied for his pudding that evening – which looked like a sweet pastie-type thing with cinnamon and sugar on top – turned out (on asking the lad behind the counter) to be filled with cheese and almonds……. Luckily they had an apple puff as an alternative…..

This may have somewhat cushioned the blow of what Mark himself described as a “thrashing” at Upwords, the travel game we acquired for 3 Euros at the charity shop in Almerimar.


Life in Kampington is full of ups and downs (though not always high-scoring ones!) for Mark. The following day I renewed my stock of brownie points in a very large Carrefour. Whilst Mark was doing whatever men do for half an hour in the biscuit isle, I happened across  some goodies for him that he reckoned he would never have noticed…. a Thorntons Santa and a Ronnie Reindeer being sold off at one Euro each…. He’s SO easily pleased….


Our next overnight stop was at a wine place (the shop was firmly shut so this cost us the grand sum of nothing). The view from “Kampington’s Telly” towards Montserrat wasn’t bad at all…


We’re now at Palamos on the Costa Brava, on a nice aire on the edge of town a short walk to two supermarkets in one direction and the sea in the other. It’s still nice and warm in the sun, though much cooler at night than we’ve got used to. 😦 I suppose we’d better get used to it…



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