Messing about on the Algarve

We’ve been having a quiet time pootling from beach to beach on the Algarve, some that we’ve visited before and others that we haven’t.

We spent a night at a small beach near Vila do Bispo that we didn’t stay at last year but that Mark had discovered this year on a recce on his bike.

DSC01041There were about seven vans there overnight. The police showed up at 9am the next morning so we disappeared quick while they were messing about in the back of their car. Mainly people do have stories of the police being friendly and just moving people on, but we have seen some reports of nasty fines this year, so best to avoid them whenever possible!

From there we went back to the fortress at Sagres for two nights.We visited Cabo St Vincent again…



What is it with men?????  (see below). Luckily he survived… again….


Starting to head East across the Algarve, we first went to Alvor for a night (where we’d stayed last year) and then on to Portimao for two nights. The Aire at Portimao is in a marina and the photo in the book looked good. Unfortunately they really had taken the photo from the best possible angle…. Not to worry though, we did get free New Year fireworks from three directions, the best coming from the castle right next to the marina.



And then it was 2016….. Time for some more pootling…..


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