On the Road Again!

It’s that time of year again (hurrah!). We set off on Friday afternoon, Mark having dropped his tools off for servicing and put his truck to bed for the winter earlier in the day. Here’s Kampington setting off from Little Roodee after his first night away:

Heading South, we stopped off to visit Blenheim Palace on Saturday, making the most of our HHA membership cards while they last:

Blenheim had been infiltrated by modern art, hence the very odd “within a realm of distance” above the main entrance. Similar phrases were to be found adorning walls and ceilings inside. We failed to identify any meaning to any of it.

We had two nights at Oak Tree Farm, a CCC site near Aylesbury, and on Sunday visited nearby Waddesdon Manor (National Trust), built in the 1870s by a branch of the Rothschild family. There was a bit of a to-do when it transpired on arrival that they’d run out of timed entry tickets to the house for the day. Mark was clearly not amused, one suspects more because he was just itching to add the “savings” to his list than that he had a burning need to view the interior of this particular property.

All turned out well in the end. Having asked whether they had a cancellations list and being told “no, but we can start one” we did then get a ‘phone call to go to the visitor information booth by the house for tickets. Here’s Mark looking very much like Charlie with his Golden Ticket….

The interior was dominated by a multitude of Christmas decorations with different themes in each room (ie no really amazing items on show). Mark reckoned that they’d wrecked the billiards room by covering the table and putting electric candles on it……



The exterior was more impressive; very “French Chateau”. The Rothschild approach to modern art (although NT, the place is run by a Rothschild family foundation) was, I felt, altogether more successful. Two great big sculptures outside made of empty Chateau Lafite bottles. Now there’s something to do with the empties…..

On Monday we visited Hughenden Manor on our way South to London. This was for many years the home of Benjamin Disraeli. The most interesting part though was Hughenden’s role as “Hillside” during the Second World War, when it was used as a secret base for the production of target maps for bombing raids in Europe.

We’ve now arrived at Crystal Palace Caravan Club site, where we’ll be for the next three nights. Tomorrow morning, Mark takes on the Big City…. He is ready and armed with his new “Lobster Card” (as he insists on calling it). This’ll be interesting!

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