A long weekend away in York. This time Mark got left behind to do some work and the arrangements dictated that I travel up in the car and stay at the Albemarle Road guest house. On arrival I found that the loo in the ensuite bathroom was out of order and that the wisteria was now obscuring the outstanding view across the Knavesmire from the bathroom window. I shall have to leave a review on Tripadvisor…..

I travelled up on Thursday and on Friday morning Roger, Sally and I visited Goddards, the National Trust former home of the Terry family (of chocolate fame) and conveniently within walking distance.


The National Trust didn’t get the furniture, but that was OK as we could see that for free as well. In the afternoon, Sally and I headed to Fairfax House, a Georgian property in Central York and waved our HHA cards. No photos allowed there…. Good stuff to look at in both properties.

Saturday saw Sally and I driving to Burton Constable, another HHA property but this one does allow photos, hurrah.

DSC00327 DSC00330

It was off to Sledmere, another HHA property, on Sunday; a group outing this time with 5 of us packed into Roger’s car. After a stop to look at some plants and have lunch, we had a good nosey round Sledmere House and a good time was had by all….

DSC00333 DSC00335

Things took a bit of a turn for the worse as we arrived back at Roger’s mum’s house to drop her and her friend Olive, with large clouds of black smoke suddenly billowing up either side of the car. Not ideal when you’re in the middle of the back seat with a slow-moving pensioner on either side! We clambered out ok and to cut a long story short, the three of us ended up getting the bus back into York. RIP Orange Ford….. (see.. he should’ve done like me and bought a car from a nation renowned for its engineering prowess and unfailing reliability….)….

Moving swiftly on, all was well on Monday as Sally and I went off to Castle Howard in the last car standing. This is another “big ticket” HHA property so was on my list as a “must see” as our HHA membership is for this year only…

DSC00342 DSC00347 DSC00348 DSC00351 DSC00352

This weekend’s “item Mark would have been most interested in” award went to a very early example of what we would today call a Thetford loo…

DSC00343 DSC00344

Then in case we hadn’t managed to see enough for the day, Sally packed in a castle on the way home…


Home on Tuesday after the obligatory visit to the sausage shop on the Shambles for Mark’s pork pie order…

One comment

  1. Dear guest, we are sorry you encountered a few minor difficulties in your stay, I trust they did not impact on your enjoyment of the weekend.
    Many of the people using the bathroom enjoy the wisteria view and the privacy it affords allowing them to bathe without closing the blind.
    However since your comment it has now been drastically cut back. The house sparrows will simply have find somewhere else to call home.
    The Manager.
    Your issue regarding transport has been referred to the motoring desk.


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