A Weekend in Lancashire and Cheshire

First stop was Port Sunlight, where we had a guided tour in the rain to ourselves…

DSC00149 DSC00151 DSC00132 DSC00135 DSC00138 DSC00141

Then up to Fort Perch Rock, which was closed… so a walk on the beach and a view of Liverpool from across the water.

DSC00153 DSC00155

On Saturday we headed first to Speke Hall (more NT “savings”)….

DSC00160 DSC00163

Speke Hall is apparently Mark’s all-time favourite NT property, as here was a billiard table he was actually invited to play with….

From there it was on to Crosby Beach to see the Antony Gormley statues. I had kind of expected groups of interacting people rather than lots of men staring out to sea, obviously all cast from the same mould…

DSC00164 DSC00167 DSC00172

Then it was on to Formby to see the red squirrels.

DSC00175 DSC00178 DSC00174

We finished the trip off on Monday with a visit to Dunham Massey. The WW1 hospital experience, complete with actors, was good. For a split second I was tempted to suggest to Mark that he could always hop into a bed and start groaning… but luckily I managed to clamp my mouth shut in time…

DSC00188 DSC00191

…and home via Ikea to order some nearest-available drawer front replacements for mine damaged in a freak man-with-saw incident….All happily resolved by a smiling lady in the kitchen department with an incredible knowledge of past Ikea kitchen ranges – “hmmm that sounds like Solar….”. So all’s well that ends well…..

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