A weekend away in Kampington, this time to Powys.

We had a look at Powis Castle on Saturday (savings!)….


Finally a Summery day! We were parked in “camper van corner” at the bottom of the car park. Mark made the most of the lunchtime sun by getting his chair out. From the way the ducks scampered right up to Kampington’s open side door, I suspect that they have come to associate visitors with food….




The little 5 van site we stayed on near Welshpool was lovely and we were the only ones on it. There was a bit of a carry on when we returned on Saturday evening. I asked Mark if he had any requirements to use the loo before I took it off to empty it. He said no, so off I went. I returned to a sheepish looking Mark, who explained that once the idea had been planted in his mind and rattled round a bit, he’d realised that maybe he did urgently need to do a rather large Number 2 after all… Not really what you want in an empty loo canister… I decided that the best thing to do was to smile sweetly, hand him the loo roll, and suggest he could cut out the middleman and go deposit in the waste disposal (which was one of those “loo in a box” affairs….). Mark being Mark, he thought for a second then turned and trotted off across the grass…. The good news is that there was no-one around, the site owner having departed to go to work not half an hour previously and the site being surrounded by open fields… Next time I ask the question I suspect he may contemplate his response more thoroughly!!


Mark’s only comment on returning was that the concrete round the loo was a bit rough and they could do with fitting a comfier seat…. He then rewarded himself with a big steak for tea (and christened the campervan salt and pepper pots, which were a recent gift from Clive & Gwenda)…


On Sunday we went to Attingham Park (National Trust again so more savings) and had a look at the house and a walk round the grounds and deer park. There was a good display on conservation in the stairway – what to do with a glass roof that’s leaked since the day it was installed so as to make the place watertight without creating condensation. It explained the various options and the scheme finally chosen – to put a new glass roof over the top of the old leaky one.




The grounds are large, but the walled garden was definitely the highlight…






Tourism activities on Monday were put on hold as my dad decided to take a trip to the hospital on Saturday evening…. Luckily for him (or maybe unfortunately as it means that the problem is still a mystery…) his scans came back OK on Monday so they sent him home…

So that was that for the weekend…. We’re staying put next weekend rather than fighting the Bank Holiday traffic. Our allotted task is the cleaning of Mark’s carpets. They came with his house in 2003 and have never been cleaned. I’ve told him that the first wash will yield mud not the slightly grey water he may have been expecting, but as a carpet cleaning newbie I’m not sure he has any idea of the filth lurking under his feet… I will keep the camera close to hand…

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  1. Glad to see you’re still enjoying Kampington life! Things have changed a bit for us. An unreliable tenant with arrears forced us back to the UK earlier than planned. Although we still have Dora, we’ve taken a break from full time travelling to concentrate on turning the house into a home and trying to claw back some of our rent arrears! We’ll still be taking weekends away once the house is back to being a house, rather than a building site! We’ve still time to go back to full timing in a few years, so all is not entirely lost. Hope you’re both well 🙂


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