North to Calais

Well, here we are parked up at the docks in Calais…..

Following my last post, we spent the night in the garage forecourt and the next morning, three young mechanics were sent out to push Kampington into the workshop. Mark scampered off to “help”, as men do….. They shoved Kampington into the workshop no problem, the middle of the three even finding the energy to kick his colleagues on the bum as he went in what I can only describe as being reminiscent of one of the “traditional” dances Lederhosen-clad Austrians do for tourists…….

With the aid of some electronic wizardy, the problem was diagnosed… a faulty fuel injector. Initially, talk was of being able to get a replacement on Monday afterrnoon (it being Friday at the time), but before long, one was sourced that could be delivered at 2pm the same day. Sorted….. So later on Friday afternoon, off we trundled. It was with some trepidation that Mark turned the key on Saturday morning, but there was no need to worry. Kampington fired up no bother at all and has continued to do so every morning since.

We’ve been slowly heading North over the past few days, stopping to visit bits and pieces along the way. Mark decided he’d like to visit the 24h du Mans museum on the way back, so we did.


There were lots of displays and quite a lot of cars.


Knowing nothing about such things, as you may know, I generally amuse myself by mentally doling out awards. The “best in show” / “car I’d have if I could chooseone” by definition generally goes to a car of the same make as mine if there is one (brand loyalty must prevail!). Unfortunately there weren’t any (far too slow, clearly….) ….. so I had to go with a very cute little Bugatti…..


Next to the car was a travelling case made by Hermès for Mr Bugatti’s transatlantic voyages…….


I have been known to give awards for things like most bizarre paint colour, strangest choice of model name etc. On this occasion I did have to give a special award for the most gratuitous use of tasselry…. This is a 1902 De Dion Bouton. Given its top speed of 30km per hour, presumably the tassels were designed to sway attractively in the breeze…..


We discovered a good little stop on the way home: Le Sap, not far from Broglie (which we discovered on the way down). This one is by the fire station and free. There’s even free electricity, the only downside being that it only runs for 40 minutes or so then you have to scamper out and press a button to start it again…..


We arrived in Calais today and have done our obligatory big Carrefour shop. We have a ferry booked for 9am tomorrow…. Boo Hoo 😦

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