Crossing Spain – Rain, Snow, and a Big Jessie….

We crossed the North of Spain in a couple of days, there not being a huge amount to see along our route and the weather having turned grim. On Saturday we were faced with rain and then sleet:


We parked up on Saturday night, and it was noticeably colder outside than it has been previously – down to 2.5 degrees according to Kampington. On Sunday morning, Kampington was not for budging. This has happened once before, about 18 months ago – I called out the breakdown service, the lad sprayed Quick Start into the air inlet and all was well again (and the problem didn’t then reoccur; when it next went in for service the guy at the garage said it was probably just a bit of cr** in the filter, which had now been changed anyway). So, struggling for ideas this morning, Mark sprayed a bit of WD40 into the air inlet and VROOM! followed by a loud disparaging shout from Mark outside of “Kampington, you Big Jessie!”. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again…..

I should mention that this isn’t the only time Kampington’s been attention seeking of late. A bit of intermittent noise from the brakes had Mark taking a wheel off earlier in the week to check all was ok. He concluded it all looks fine (brake pads have “gallons” left on them, discs look good and no metal dust to be found). So that one remains a mystery. I figure Kampington is just wanting to head straight back to Almerimar for the rest of the winter rather than returning to cold wet Wales….



The weather didn’t improve on Sunday as we continued across the border into France. This time it was torrential rain all morning followed by a couple of really heavy hail showers. This is just the start of one of them; within minutes the road was white with frozen little ball bearings and driving conditions were treacherous:


It ended as quickly as it had started, as these things do, and we’re now tucked up for the night at a little place called Mugron. We’re the only ones here and there’s free electricity – cue an evening of charging up small devices!

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