Pootling in the Algarve

We’re still taking it easy in the Algarve. The weather has been hot and sunny, so there’s been no incentive to even think about heading West too fast (the bottom “corner” of Portugal is looking very close on the map now, and after that, the only way is North… brrrr…..

After a couple of nights at Tavira and a lot of washing done, we had a night at Quarteira and have now spent 5 nights at Galé, just West of Albufeira. The air here is really nice but also really popular, with people being turned away every day as it’s full. We got really lucky, arriving early lunchtime on Saturday and manageing to secure a spot without electicity. There were two vans ahead of us in a very well-organised virtual queue for spots with electricity. Our update from the owner on Saturday evening was that no-one was leaving on Sunday but there was a chance we might move on Monday. No problem, we figured. As it happened, someone did decide to leave on Sunday, as did one of the vans ahead of us in the queue, and the other decided that as they were leaving the day after and weren’t desperate, they wouldn’t bother moving….. So we got electicity from Sunday. We’ve since heard people are often waiting a week or more for a spot with electricity….


In other news, we have bit of a dental situation in that Mark is now suddenly missing half a tooth. The filling is still in place but the front half of the tooth has gone, so if anyone knows of any job vacancies for a Bond baddie, he’s now well placed. There IS a close-up shot of the tooth but it’s not for the squeamish, so here’s one of Mark investigating the damage instead….


He’s currently hoping it’ll hold out until we get home, but if not, there may be a special post on Portuguese/Spanish/French (depending how long it lasts) emergency dentistry!

Anyway, enough of the practicalities of life. We’ve had a day out inland to Alte, a very pretty village with what our guidebook calls “cheerful chimneys”, and Paderne, where Kampington visited a castle.





We went to Albufeira another day. It was quite nice at this time of year, particularly on the beach away from the tat shops and bars, but we could imagine it would be Blackpool in the Sunshine at other times of year.


We’ve also visited Silves, which has another (larger) castle…





We’re leaving here this morning but not going far – just heading a bit further down the coast to Carvoeiro which has been highly recommended by a couple of people as a lovely place to park up….

One comment

  1. Hi folks!

    Good to see you’re still being blessed with beautiful weather. The same unfortunately can’t be said here; it’s been grey, wet and cold for the past couple of days! We’re hoping the next 5 weeks fly, so that we can get back on the road and get to the sunshine!

    Happy travels 🙂


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