Costa de la Luz

We had a couple of short drives / free overnight stops as we moved up the coast from Tarifa. We spent one night by the beach at Conil de la Frontera.
As the evening progressed, we were treated to a beautiful sunset (complete with kite surfers) on one side and, a bit later, fireworks on the other side. I didn’t try to photograph the fireworks – it was a man and two kids setting off very puny little things from the sports pitch immediately adjacent to the parking area. The kids seemed to be having a great time watching each firework being lit then running like mad).

On Friday we headed to a service point at a motorhome place (Autocaravanas Conil – in Camper Contacts under a different name) on the edge of town and paid 2 Euros to empty our waste and fill up with fresh water. Bargain! We were surprised by the size of Conil, having imagined it to be much smaller from the small part of old town we’d seen down by the beach.

From there, we continued to another free overnight parking spot at Sancti Petri. We had this place pretty much to ourselves. It was very quiet and right by the beach, but there wasn’t much else nearby. Signs at the nearby pleasure port promised all kinds of activities, including boats running to the fort on a nearby island, but all was well and truly closed up at this time of year.We got ourselves set up and headed out for a short bike ride around the port.


Once again, we were treated to a fabulous sunset.

We had decided to head to Sanlucar de Barrameda today to an Aire as we’re still not fully used to our new 3-battery setup so don’t know whether we can now do more than 3 nights without electricity (bring on the solar panels!). It’s OK here but only as an overnight recharging stop. It’s not the most attractive and there’s nothing much nearby. One benefit we hadn’t expected was WIFI, all included in the 10 Euros a night price. Hurrah! I whiled away a few hours quite productively on FindMyPast…. Tools have been downed again now though as although we have a data sim card, the usage allowance isn’t nearly enough to permit such frivolities 😦

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