Happy New Year at Tarifa!

We dropped Jim & Carol at the airport on Monday evening (29 December) after a busy week’s holidaying in Spain.

Whilst at the airport we also returned the Horrible Hire Car. Mark had been defending the Horrible Hire Car all week, even after I looked it up online and pointed out that the one review I could find said that it was a Citroën so awful they didn’t even offer it for sale in France, that it was built by a joint venture somewhere I’d never heard of and that there is apparently a big market for them among taxi drivers in Wuhan, China. Which all made sense as it was extremely cheap and nasty but admittedly spacious, with a large boot. The car plummeted in Mark’s estimation on Monday though after he left something (a very useful item – the telescopic pointer with a magnet on the end – a replacement has had to be added to Kampington’s shopping list) on the dashboard. It slid backward down the enormous dash and disappeared down the unfortunate gap between the dash and the windscreen, never to be found again…..

We spent Tuesday doing various Kampington jobs – tidying, taking the awning down and so on. Oh, and tracing the small water puddle found intermittently in Kampington’s shed (which we didn’t like to mention while we had visitors lest they fret). This has now been traced with 90% certainty to a non-sealed joint in the woodwork behind the bathroom washbasin and a regular bathroom flooding event caused by the dunking of a large (but receding) mop of hair in said basin. The only other possibility is the bathroom tap itself, which is a sealed unit about a year old which has had kitchen roll under it for a day and a half now and remains as dry as the Sahara… Mark has taken it upon himself to wash his hair in the shower from now on like a normal person as I can’t get to the bit down the back of the basin with the silicone sealant.

Which brings us on to New Year’s Eve! We departed Fuengirola, happy to be back on the road in Kampington. We continued West along the coast and parked up happily by the beach near Tarifa. We were both surprised at just how close Africa is to the Spanish coast in these parts.

The beach and car park were busy when we arrived, with kite-surfers aplenty….



We had a barbecue tea before it went dark. The Cadac has seen good use in the last couple of weeks.


We didn’t get a sunset as such, but here’s the view each way along the beach as it slowly got dark. In the second photo, you can see the town of Tarifa on the left. The buildings further to the right are on the African side.



After some traditional beer, wine and whisky, we greeted the New Year on the beach then retired to Kampington to sleep it all off.


  1. Happy new year folks! Looks like we probably won’t cross paths again as we’re now holed up in Ronda for a few weeks; Pete had a bit of an accident, which prevents him from driving for a few weeks 😦 enjoy the rest of your travels!


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