We headed off to Gibraltar for the day on Sunday in the Horrible Hire Car. The official tourist office website having proven next to useless (a list of attractions and background info on each – the history and so on – but very little in the way of practicalities) we were forced to make it up as we went along.

In hindsight, it all went very well. We got through the border controls without any delays at all. We then came across an entry point to the “natural reserve” and paid £10 each plus £2 for the car, which it turned out gave us access to all the main attractions and meant we could drive to them (we’d never have got to them walking if we’d taken the cable car up the Rock as the distances involved would’ve been far too great for Mark’s mum). The initial plan was that we’d do whatever suited Mark’s parents today then go back another day ourselves, but this way we did make it round all of the key sights.

First up was St Michael’s Cave, which is nowadays used as an auditorium. It was a very pretty cave complete with light and music effects.





From there we continued to the Ape’s Den, which is at the half way station on the cable car.



This is the area where the Barbary Macaques get fed. We spent quite a while watching one very cute little baby monkey in particular.






We then visited the Great Siege Tunnels, initially dug during the Great Siege of 1779-1783 and expanded upon right up until the 1960s.




Other attractions turned out to be closed, including the Military Heritage Centre, City under Siege Exhibition, and some WW2 tunnels, so we headed down into the town for a late lunch and a wander around before returning to Fuengirola for tea out at a Chinese restaurant – quite a novelty for us (we don’t get out much)!

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