Christmas at Fuengirola

We collected Jim & Carol (Mark’s parents) from Málaga on Monday evening and drove them to their accommodation in Fuengirola in the Horrible Hire Car (A Citroën C-Elysée).

On Tuesday we took Jim and Carol with us to do the last of the Christmas food shopping (we know how to show our visitors a good time!). Luckily they’re big fans of trawling foreign supermarkets. We headed back to Kampington for lunch, which also gave them chance to check out the camp site and the various shanty-town sheds erected by the permanent residents (buried at the back of each pitch somewhere being the original caravan or motorhome they arrived in some years ago). Mark’s words on first examining it all were “by God, it’s like the bottom of your Dad’s garden round here”….. (Hi Dad!)….. In the afternoon we had a wander round the nearby castle then back to Kampington for a pressure cooker stew.

Wednesday (Xmas Eve) saw us venturing out to nearby Mijas.





In the evening it was time for a barbecue – steak, homemade burgers (Kampington has a burger press), sausages, kebabs (mushroom, pepper & chorizo), salad etc… etc…


Then on Thursday we had the main event – a Kampington Christmas Dinner!


The washing-up fairies…..


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