Leaving Almerimar

Well, we’re finally leaving Almerimar, a week after we arrived. Our only excuse for being stationary so long is that it’s lovely here.


Since the last update we’ve been wandering round the local area and have been out on a bike trip inland.


Our evenings have started well, watching the sunset with a drink on the sea wall in the company of Paul & Emma / Pete and Sue, two couples who are a bit younger than us and doing long trips in their vans.


Paul & Emma left yesterday and Pete & Sue headed off this morning. We would’ve been gone by now too if we hadn’t spent much of the morning dealing with Kampington’s misdeeds of yesterday.

Getting the slow cooker out of the bottom of the cupboard to make a stew revealed a bit of water in the bottom of the cupboard…. Gulp.


Then later in the evening, the key broke off in the sliding door lock…. Oops.


This morning has seen us removing panelling to get to the spare key. We haven’t managed to get the old bit of key out of the sliding door lock yet, but it’s locking and unlocking fine for now with the stub we still have on the keyring! Worst case we can always lock and unlock it from the inside and use the front doors ’til we get it sorted.

The water leak issue required us to take the tank out, so it was luxury showers all round this morning to use up the water. The first sigh of relief was that the water seemed to be coming from the area of the pump not the hot water tank (we have a spare pump but can’t do much ourselves with the hot water system). As it turned out, the filter on the pump had just worked loose, so all’s well that (hopefully) ends well. We’ve left the cupboard empty for now so we can keep an eye on things….

Just as we were messing with the water leak, who should show up but John and Marie from the Cabo de Gata campsite. John had broken his plate so they’d come over here to the dentist to get a new one.

Our next stops are Carrefour for a big food shop, “Don Rapid” in the shopping centre attached to Carrefour, who the internet tells us will be able to cut us a new spare key with the necessary transponder (and if his name is anything to go by, we may even get it today rather than mañana), and then Repsol for some gas – the first time we’ll have filled up in Spain so who knows which of our collection of adapters we’ll need…… We still haven’t decided where we’re stopping tonight. All will no doubt be revealed in due course……


  1. Hi folks!

    Good to hear from you and will be sure to pass on John and Marie’s hellos to Emma & Paul. We’re now in a campsite in Orgiva for a couple of days; it’s cold at night but the views are pretty special and it’s giving us a chance to catch up on some long overdue administration. Still undecided over our next destination however. Hope all’s well with you and that you found a lovely spot after leaving the paradise that was Almerimar 🙂

    P, S & P


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