The Sun has got his Hat on

The weather stayed beautiful as we left Santa Pola and started heading West. We spent a night at an Aire run by a German woman and where all the other clientele were German. In the book, it said there were washing and drying facilities, but these were unavailable as we were not allowed to touch the machines ourselves, she wasn’t doing any more washing today, and then there was a 3 day long weekend where there would also be no washing done…. We weren’t allowed to plug our own electric cable in either – this had to be passed over a high fence to be plugged in by a responsible adult… Mark amused himself during the evening by wheeling out his complete collection of German jokes (which took quite a while). He’s very easily bought though – the next morning he found a chocolate Weihnachtsmann on the chair he’d left outside. All mention of the Gestapo went out of the window and he declared the Aire owner to be a very nice lady after all….


We headed down to the Cabo de Gata natural park area next where there was a proper campsite that promised washing facilities – a must as we’d now been travelling for 2 weeks without doing any laundry and Mark was threatening to rewear his socks….. Here, Mark found a new bosum buddy in an older chap called John who, with his wife, was there for the winter. They bonded over fixing the side light on the trailer and talking about old bikes, old cars, and John’s model airplanes…. zzzzzzzzz (but I did manage to finish a book with very little interruption!). The bike had its first outing on a trip up the coast to check out an Aire John had recommended. The Aire looked good; we splashed out on lunch at Mario’s bar (I had a selection of tapas – albóndigas, paella and boquerones; Mark came over all British and had a club sandwich and chips…..). After lunch we headed back along the coast and explored the area round the camp site before heading home to Kampington.




The next morning (Monday) we headed to the Aire at Almerimar intending to stay one night. We soon added another two nights. It’s a seaside resort but quite a small one and quiet at this time of year. We’re parked right on the marina – so much so that you go to the harbour master’s office to pay for your parking.



We’ve met plenty of folk on this Aire. Everyone’s very chatty except for one person…. and yes, he’s German. So we’ll be needing another Weihnachtsmann soon to patch up international relations. Mark had already decided the German was a grumpy old git, having greeted him more than once with no response whatsoever. Mark then noticed the flagpole mounted next to a wing mirror flying a small German flag. Oh dear……

Last night a Swedish couple dared to arrive and park in the expanse of space between us and the German. He was out of his van and shouting loudly before they’d even got parked. “Es gibt kein Platz mehr” blah blah blah. He then disappeared and we thought the rant was over, but no – a bit later he appeared round our side of their van waving his arms and ranting “Wieviel Platz wollen Sie denn?” repeatedly at the top of his voice. So it’s not just ignorant Brits who think it’s ok to just shout loudly in their own language and expect the rest of the World to understand….


In other news, yesterday saw the production of a Kampington cake 🙂 Only the second one and it turned out well.


Today we went on the push bikes to some lagoons just outside of town to see the flamingoes. The birds were ok but the best thing we saw was an incredibly well camoflaged stick insect.


Who knows when we’ll decide to leave here (if ever)…..


  1. I stand corrected….
    1) M says he had the club sandwich as that’s what Lynn and I always have at Mike’s Bites (and as he’s not there he never gets any). He omitted to mention this at the time…
    2) apparently the stick insect wasn’t a stick insect but some sort of grasshopper or cricket (whatever….).
    3) I forgot to mention that we saw 3 hoopoes.
    I think that’s all the sins I have to confess for today…….


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