Heading South – UK

We set off on Saturday and stayed overnight at Hay on Wye.






On Sunday we headed back to Warwick Racecourse Caravan Coub Site, where we stayed last month, for two nights. We didn’t get our spot by the winning post again though…. We went to Stratford on Monday and looked at the various Shakespeare houses including his birthplace and Anne Hathaway’s cottage.



On visiting the church to see Shakespeare’s grave (the one with a sign above it reproducing the inscription) Mark was very concerned at the sign outside. Surely that was taking things a bit far?



Tuesday saw us back at the NEC, this time for the motorbike show. The bikes all looked pretty much the same to me but here is Mark with my pick for the best item in the show – the Honda Mean Mower. This is the (Guinness World of Records verified) fastest lawnmower in the world – 130mph no less…. Unfortunately it wasn’t for sale, or Mark could have cut his working time to half a day per month next year……


After the show we drove down to Hythe in Kent and stayed over on the car park at the Duke’s Head ready for our early morning (06.30) ferry crossing on the Wednesday. The landlord was vey welcoming, also to four-legged patrons, with every dog visiting being given a free sausage!

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