Turtles and a Walk

Saturday this week was spent at home, doing a few Kampington preparations for our forthcoming holiday and later on a spot of cookery. We know our mums told us not to play with our food, but it seems that neither of us listened. These are Red Turtle Burgers…..




Then on Sunday we went for a walk up Snowdon with Clive and Gwenda. We left one car in Llanberis and took the other round to the start of the Watkin path.


The weather got progressively wetter and windier as we ascended, and we met several groups coming back down saying that it had been too windy higher up for them to continue. We plodded on undeterred and made it to the summit cafe, which was closed.

There were a few hardy souls huddled round the back having their butties…. Very few photos were taken today due to the rain and the very real danger of gloves, camera cases etc blowing away never to be seen again…… I did manage a quick snap of C, G and M huddled in the prime corner position behind the cafe:


Getting up the few stone steps to the summit proper without being blown off them sideways was a bit tricky. Getting down again was even trickier, with some seriously strong gusts of wind.

The original plan had been to head part way down the Snowdon Ranger path then turn right onto a path that cut across and down to Llanberis (a path that Mark and I had seen when we walked up Snowdon via the Snowdon Ranger path earlier in the year, but that neither of us had even taken). Since the weather (particularly the wind and the visibility) was getting even worse as we were setting off down, we decided that it made more sense to just take the Llanberis Path back instead.


We made it down to Llanberis unscathed, went back to pick up Gwenda’s car, and then headed to Pete’s Eats for tea on the way home. Yum yum 🙂

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