Macchu Picchu

Well….. it is what it is……

We got the bus up the winding road from Aguas Calientes with all the other tourists (there’s just a constant stream of coaches going up and down) and had an extensive tour of the ruins. Macchu Picchu is big, very sanitised (it’s supposedly original but we saw some photos from 1911-12 in the Inca Museum in Cuzco the day after and there were definitely piles of rubble where some of the buildings are now), and very busy.

There isn’t a huge amount to say about it, so here are some pictures:



This is the view back up to the “Sun” Gate:


Here’s a reasonably random collection of other photos. The two pictures of huge rocks may seem odd. They’re massive rocks carved to match the shape of some of the mountains surrounding Macchu Picchu (in one, the matching mountain is behind the rock; in the other, the matching mountain is Macchu Picchu mountain which we traversed to reach Macchu Picchu from the Sun Gate). Presumably they’re useful in that you can carry on worshipping the mountains when the mist comes down and you can’t see much further than the next rock…..














Of course, everyone tries to take photos without any random people in them, but yes, it was difficult; there were a heck of a lot of tourists milling around….


After visiting Macchu Picchu we took a train (90 mins or so) from Aguas Calientes to Ollantaytambo in the Sacred Valley, then rejoined our bus for the drive back to Cuzco.

The next day we visited two museums in Cuzco (photos were no allowed in either) and did some pre-departure shopping before leaving first thing on Saturday morning for our flights home 😦

And that, Folks, is all I managed to cram into my little trip to Peru…..

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