Cuzco & Surrounds

Ritu arrived safe and sound in Cuzco, albeit following an exceptionally long (and delayed) journey from Melbourne.

We’ve had some free time to explore the town, which has some impressive colonial-era buildings.


Today we had a tour of some of the surrounding sights. Our first stop was a big white Christ statue overlooking the city, which was a good place from which to take a photo of the old town from above.


We then went on to Tambomachay.



At our next stop, we saw an Inca sacrificial room. On the right is the altar where the llama (or possibly human) was killed, the blood draining via a channel below. A niche on the wall just to the right of the altar was used, possibly, for the drying out of mummies after the mummification process.


We also saw a large stone that at one time was in the shape of a cougar, until the Spanish came along and wrecked it in an effort to dissuade the locals from their idolatrous practices and ease the path to Catholicism.


Our next stop was at a silver/gold and textiles shop. We had a demonstration that was better than most, and weren’t “encouraged” by the salespeople in the shop, so that was all ok.

Then it was off to Sacsayhuaman.



Finally we visited the Coricancha, the Temple of the Sun in Cuzco itself. Most of it was destroyed by the Spaniards and a convent built on top, but they kept a few of the smaller buildings.



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