Andean Explorer

I took the Andean Explorer train from Puno to Cuzco. It was horrendously expensive by Peruvian standards but very reasonable compared to UK train prices….

The waiting room was the poshest place I’d been in Peru so far.


The interior of the train was pretty plush too.


The 10.30am Pisco Sour was a good innovation. I thought the glass size was a bit measly, until I tasted it and realised just how strong they’d made it.


A bit later on they announced that they were going to have some traditional music and local dancing in the bar carriage. I was only in the next carriage along, so once about 100 German pensioners had immediately filed past, I decided there was no point moving from my seat and that the pan pipes would be at a much more acceptable volume in the next carriage along anyway.

I don’t know whether this was part of the dancing show, whether the Pisco Sour had more effect than I thought, or whether there really was a Star Trek convention going on at the back of the train somewhere, but this lady trotted past about 20 minutes later…


The food was a bit nouvelle cuisine, but luckily I had some biscuits in my bag to supplement it with…..



There was a stop át the highest point on the tract (4300m), the only “attraction” being a limited variety of tat stalls….

Finally, here’s some of the scenery from the train.





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