Nazca Museum

On my second day in Nazca I walked to the Nazca Museum. The Nazca (100BC – 750AD ish) followed on from the Paracas Culture (the folk who thought Star Trek heads were a good idea).

Here are some ceramics. In the first photo, the thing on the left is the funerary bundle of a small child. The fake head is made from a pumpkin. I especially liked the ancient broom in the fourth picture and the little bloke in the fifth picture.






Here’s the real highlight of the museum (well, for me at least) – some trophy heads. I’d seen them depicted on ceramics etc (people/god figures often seem to have trophy heads hanging from their belts) but I hadn’t worked out whether this was just a concept or whether they actually existed….. Ho hum, here are a few. Burials have been found of (headless) collections of bones, skeletons with ceramic pots substituted for the original heads etc)….


Finally, an original Nazca aqueduct runs through the museum’s back garden (disappearing under the modern day city at each side of the garden). I saw another bit of the aqueduct system from the air yesterday.


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