Laguna de Llanganuco

There isn’t a huge amount of explanation needed for today’s adventure – I went to look at a bright blue glacial lake and the surrounding scenery.




We stopped at a place called Yungay which was completely flattened following an earthquake in 1970 when a few million cubic metres of rock and ice came rushing down from the mountain above and buried the whole town 3-4 metres deep, killing over 18,000 people. People haven’t been allowed to excavate or rebuild. There are little crosses marking the location of particular people’s houses and huge boulders…… The photo was taken from the top of the local cemetary (which is built up in tiers like a wedding cake; the bottom part got buried).


At lunch today I got to try a bit of Cuy (yes, Guinea Pig).


I can now report that Cuy leg tastes like slightly chewy chicken leg. They really are the most unappetising-looking things on the plate. The curled up little paws on the one I got a taste of today reminded me of the mummies in the museum at Leymebamba……..

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