Off we went to York for the weekend (Saturday-Tuesday this time). There was no room at the Albemarle Road guesthouse, so we went in Kampington and stayed on the Caravan Club site at Rowntree Park.

Saturday’s weather was showery, but the Talami display went ahead by the Minster (I saw the Talami proper in Orsogna at Easter 2011 when I drove across from Rome for a few days to meet up with Roger and Sally). The Alpini did a quick lap to demonstrate how they carry one of the tableaux through the town. In the evening we went for a Thai with Sally and Tina then caught the second half of a concert by some of the musicians performing in the mystery plays the following day…..



Sunday was the main event – the four-yearly York Mystery Plays. We saw most of them, starting with Creation (the photo is God addressing the audience).


Mark decided that the best thing to do during a crucifixion is to have a nice cup of tea…..


Then on Monday we went to the Yorkshire Air Museum, which was well worth a visit, followed by a trip to the Whippet in the evening with Roger and Sally for steak and chips 🙂



Today (Tuesday) we drove back via the Anderton Boat Lift near Northwich.



That’ll be the last Kampington update for a while – off to Peru next week!

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