London, Blenheim and Barthomley

I did manage to nip into the British Museum whilst in London – and it turned out they’d recently redone the Anglo-Saxon gallery…… The helmet and the purse lid were particular highlights. Bit confused about the cute coins – the ones at Sutton Hoo had a label saying that they were on loan from the British Museum (giving the impression that they were the real thing) but they were also on display at the British Museum itself. I wonder which were real and which were the replicas……



The other main highlights of my trip to London were dinner out with Gene, and afternoon tea at Fortnum and Mason with Ritu and Liz. They did a very good job of the gluten- and dairy-free offerings, though the service was somewhat lacking…..

I left London on Thursday morning and drove up to Oxfordshire, visiting Blenheim Palace in the afternoon. Very impressive. Another one I can tick off my list…..



Then today I headed for home via Barthomley, the small Cheshire Village whose church hosted many Fox baptisms, marriages, and funerals (this is part of the family tree research; my mum’s maiden name was Fox. These Foxes are many generations prior). There were no Eureka moments in the graveyard…. You can’t win ’em all…..


One comment

  1. I should have pointed you in the direction of the case containing the Kirkburn sword (in next room not far from the real Battersea Shield)
    No sparkle, unlike Radwald’s, & having identified the village as Ancestor Central can therefore claim it as ‘ ours’
    Intriguing mention of it being a chariot burial without so much as a drawing. Have seen the telly prog on the Wetwang chariot burial – which is no distance at all – so there must have been a culture of this. Interesting because a) the chariot is sprung, b) occupant is female


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