I arrived at King’s Lynn late last night (Saturday) and spent the night at the coach park opposite Lidl (fee: a whopping £1.00).

I was up and about too early this morning to go straight to Sandringham, so I paid a visit to Norfolk Lavender first, thinking I might find something to fill a few spaces in my garden. Having made my way through the largest garden centre gift-style shop I’ve ever had the misfortune to find myself in, I eventually found the collection of different lavenders, picked out the one I really liked (Beechwood Blue) and headed to the plant area. Failing to find it, I asked a very helpful chap who worked there. “Oh yes”, he said, “there’s that one and another I must get asked for 100 times a day. We don’t propagate either, I don’t know why. You can get it though, you’ll find it on the internet”. All very helpful, but no sale for his employer….. Here’s Beechwood Blue; it’s the combination of colours that attracted me to this one (I am under few illusions that it would perform so magnificently in my garden, but hey, you never know…..)


From there, I went on to Sandringham. The house itself is nothing special – just a great big house, with visitors allowed into a few non-private rooms. They had tried to add interest by having Royal photos from different times in the various rooms (I was struck by all the princes and princesses I’d never heard of; I guess cousins pretty much fall by the wayside with each generation). Less impressive was the half-completed jigsaw on a table with accompanying “available from the gift shop” sign (and similar signs next to strategically positioned pot plants throughout). Oh dear….. The museum (complete with some very nice old cars) and church were well worth the visit (though I noticed that tat was for sale even in the church……).




I then headed off to the Sandringham Caravan Club Site – my first stay on Caravan Club property…. the lady on reception was very pleasant, and I followed the first bit about reversing into the space without any great difficulty, but I must then have started to look confused / dim as she had to explain to me twice about reversing so that the white post marker was right by the driver’s side rear corner. On the second attempt she apologetically told me that it was Park Rules. I swallowed down the immediate question as to whether this was Caravan Club Park Rules or Sandringham Park Rules (surely the Queen has better things to worry about?). I then swallowed down my second question, which was to ask the maximum acceptable distance in centimetres between the white post and the back corner of the bumper. It wouldn’t do to get myself banned on my very first Caravan Club visit……. I should add that all the campers I have come across so far seem cheerful and reasonably normal……

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