Little Roodee

As requested by Mark, here’s a photo of my current location, Little Roodee car park in Chester (£1.50 a night – bargain), and Kampington / Kampington’s neighbours. All of the camper vans have done the sensible thing and gone for the individual “layby” spaces along one side of the car park.


Mum was on fine form today, and the 2 new pairs of trousers I took for her to try on fitted really well. I made it to Chester in time to nip to Debenhams and exchange the third pair of trousers (size 12) they’d sent for the size 14 I’d actually ordered. It’s really good to see that the nursing home have managed to feed her up to a size 14 again…..

I’m off to Manchester first thing in the morning to meet a tenant who’s moving out tomorrow (not a problem – the flat is Sold Subject To Contract) then in the evening I’ll be driving South East in the general direction of King’s Lynn. Not sure yet how far I’ll get or where I’ll be staying overnight….. The next update will most likely be on Sunday evening from Sandringham (no, I haven’t been invited for tea, though apparently a Caravan Club membership gives One entry to a campsite in the grounds)……

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