Well, summer has well and truly arrived in North Wales (it may be best not to blink at this point….).

The last of my current batch of property sales completed on Friday, and it is becoming very noticeable just how much quieter my ‘phone has got over the last 6-8 weeks or so as I’ve sold off the tenants (figuratively speaking). Hurrah! Time to plan more trips!

For this weekend, we stayed relatively close to home. We did a bike ride in Newborough Forest on Saturday morning (only the third time I can remember being on a bike since childhood) then in the afternoon had a walk over to / around Llandwyn Island.




Today saw us out walking again, this time doing a bit of the Anglesey Coastal Path round South Stack, an ascent of Holyhead “Mountain”, and some little-frequented cross-country paths back to make it a circular walk. Our descent into civilised mooching rather than “proper” walking continued – last week we managed to ignore the cafe on top of Snowdon; the ice cream van this week did good business….. (I am going off Calippo ice lollies; the one I had today had “only 100 calories” emblazoned across it and tasted decidedly watery; I suspect a change of recipe).



We did see a few bits of culture on our travels; Llys Rhosyr on Saturday (one of Llywelyn the Great’s 13th Century holiday homes – presumably caravan parks hadn’t quite taken off on Anglesey in those days) and some standing stones today at Penrhos Feilw, which the sign suggested may have been put there in the Early Bronze Age (2000-1500BC). Or maybe not.


The weather forecast is looking good for the next week; fingers crossed…… Whatever happens, there will be further adventures next weekend with a camper van and motorbike expedition to Pisgah….

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