Welcome to Disneyland

Well, this week I decided that I would put my (size 4) foot down and insist that I wanted to walk somewhere there was a path. A real path, rather than one of those paths created by Welsh fairies that are invisible to human eyes….. Mark may have grumbled a bit (I heard him on the ‘phone to his brother Simon moaning that I had turned into a “big Jessie” and was demanding paths, hand rails, street lights, and escalators up the steep bits). In the end, of course, I won….

So, paths not being big in these parts, that left but one destination. Yep, the great theme park that is Snowdon. We went up the Snowdon Ranger path and down the Rhyd Ddu path, neither of which was busy. As we approached the summit, though, we could see the trail of brightly coloured ants trundling across on the Llanberis path, and there was a queue to get up the few steps to the summit cairn itself (caused, admittedly, by some good souls wanting to take photos of an Air Ambulance T-Shirt in front of it). The photo above is of Mark near the top of the Rhyd Ddu path; we didn’t hang around near the summit. It was very busy and pretty windy up there.

All in all, it was a nice walk out, and despite theoretically being further in distance and gaining more height than either of our last two walks, I found it the easiest of the three. Hurrah for that luxury path! I showed Mark some photos of the Inca Trail on the internet when we got home and he commented that it looks just like Snowdon (ie there is a path, and there are people). Here’s today’s best photo of the Camino Taffy….

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