Saved by Leki !

This weekend, we headed off again in Kampington to tackle Aran Fawddwy, the 16th highest mountain in Wales (which unfortunately makes it sound like a small pimple on the landscape). Here’s Kampington in the car park at the start of the walk….


This was a much harder walk than Cadair Idris last weekend (though it might have been easier if we hadn’t gone the wrong way… twice! The first time wasn’t our fault (poor instructions downloaded from the internet combined with extremely poor signpost on the ground); the second time was my fault 😦     Oh well…..

Having been unable to find the footpath we were looking for to start the walk, we followed what seemed to be the right way along the bottom of the valley (the footpaths weren’t marked on the OS map, so no clues there), only it wasn’t the right way at all. The only footpath we could see was the one we were supposed to come down on – so all we could do was head straight up the hillside (near vertical wet grass, sheep sniggering as I struggled on upward, you get the picture). I swear to God I’d have been on my hands and knees if it hadn’t been for my super-duper new Leki poles….. Here’s a picture of the path I wish we’d walked up. We clambered up over the edge in the right of picture,…. You might be able to see the valley bottom down there in the distance…..


From then on we were doing the walk backwards. Not that it mattered as the instructions weren’t very helpful and there wasn’t a path for some of the way anyhow….. After a brief detour (ahem….. ), we made our way up to the summit of Aran Fawddwy. Yes, I know I look hot and bothered by this point…..


We found our way down quite easily. Luckily someone had built us a handy fence to follow……

Today (Sunday) we had a quick look at Pont Minllyn, which was opposite our campsite, a packhorse bridge over the Rivey Dovey built in the first half of the seventeenth century by the rector of the parish (God-bothering and heavy construction; a fine example of multi-tasking if you ask me).


We spent some time around Lake Vyrnwy on the way home. I am happy to report that I have today seen the UK’s joint tallest tree, a Douglas Fir. I have no idea how one goes about reliably identifying the UK’s tallest trees, but there is a short wheelchair-friendly footpath to this tree with a great big European Union Objective One funding sign (which I reckon as good as proves that this ISN’T the joint tallest tree in the UK)……


That’s all I have to report for this weekend…. More mountain adventures planned for next weekend….

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